7 Ways Lesbian Relationships Are Different ...


I've been in a lesbian relationship for about 6 years now and I always wondered how lesbian relationships are different from straight relationships.

I've been in one straight relationship, when I was trying to find myself and, truthfully, they are not that different.

However, there are some things that are more understanding in a lesbian relationship.

If you don't understand how two girls can be together and how lesbian relationships are different from your relationship, take a look below.

1. More Understanding of PMS

Do you know how most guys do not understand anything about Aunt Flow?

Well, if you are in a lesbian relationship, there is a lot more understanding of PMS and of cramps.

This was definitely one of the 'how lesbian relationships are different' moments for me.

My girl is completely understanding when I start to get a little testy during that time of month.

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@Terry, you can be my gf
Hiya!!! Ohh i love lesbian a lot
I need Girlfriend. 😍
Tanae Spruill
I agree I'm about to be two years and it has been awesome
i need a girlfriend
Susan elfman
I love being in a same sex relationship. My girlfriend really understands when I get all annoying at that time of month, and I do her. It's annoying that she lives across the country and I only see her during the summer for a few weeks.
Janet Kline
I need some advice on navigating the world of lesbians. I consider myself bi, even though I have been married twice (& currently still am). I feel that it is time to explore my interest in women, but afraid to end my marriage for fear that maybe my sexual attraction to women might be just that & no more. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Please advise.
I'm in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend and it's hard at times. But we talk everyday, love each other very much and trust each other. Honestly, if you work hard in the relationship and you do really love each other, it will work out for the best! I love my girlfriend :)
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