7 Ways Living Apart Can Benefit Your Relationship ...


Are you aware in how many ways living apart can benefit your relationship?

When you become a couple you automatically assume that means living together, and most people do just that.

But some couples have to live apart because of work or other commitments - and some people actively choose to live in separate homes.

Here are the ways living apart can benefit your relationship …

1. Enjoy Your Time Together

One of the ways living apart can benefit your relationship is by making your time together quality time.

Because you're not always together, you will make the effort to get the most out of the times when you are.

In a long-term relationship where you live together, you'll probably spend most of your time doing household chores or watching TV …

Own Space


I wouldnt like to live away from my man, but would love to share a home with him. Ldr's are hardwork!
@isabella I enjoy reading your comments on various posts!
Isabella Coles
Been with my man for nearly 4 years and haven't lived with him yet, only visits on weekends and the occasional holiday together. Planning to move in together next year, cannot wait until that time comes, everything just feels easier and so much better :)
I lived with my bf for 2yrs and really didn't like it only because yes I felt too involved, not enough space, annoyed by him at times, and we did end up fighting a lot and eventually broke up...but when he moved out and came over every now and then to hang out now it's sooo much different we get along, we enjoy each other's company, and most of all we get excited spending time with each other knowing that we can live apart do our own thing and still have a really good relationship being together or not. So I do think living in separate homes can work with some people!!
I guess that could work out for the first few months or years until marriage.
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