7 Ways Living Apart Can Benefit Your Relationship ...


Are you aware in how many ways living apart can benefit your relationship?

When you become a couple you automatically assume that means living together, and most people do just that.

But some couples have to live apart because of work or other commitments - and some people actively choose to live in separate homes.

Here are the ways living apart can benefit your relationship …

1. Enjoy Your Time Together

One of the ways living apart can benefit your relationship is by making your time together quality time.

Because you're not always together, you will make the effort to get the most out of the times when you are.

In a long-term relationship where you live together, you'll probably spend most of your time doing household chores or watching TV …

2. Own Space

Everybody needs their own space, however small - but that's not so easy when you live with a partner.

If you're used to independent living there can be a lot of annoying things about sharing your space.

It's especially hard to adjust to living with someone if you're used to living alone;

this often happens to older people who find a new relationship after divorce or separation.

3. Different Strokes

Many people would be shocked at the thought of living apart from their partner - isn't that defeating the point of being in a relationship?

But relationships are increasingly less traditional.

If you secretly really like the idea of living in separate homes then it's an idea worth exploring.

What's important is that your situation works for you both, not what anyone else expects.

4. Career

Sometimes you are forced to live apart for job reasons.

But this can actually work to your advantage, as if you are happy in your job then you are going to be more content overall.

But if you take a job that you're not keen on, you won't be as happy.2

If it's necessary to live apart for a time, it's not the end of your relationship - there are many ways to keep your love alive.

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