4. They Think Logically

Women tend to be very heart-centered. We think emotionally about problems and all of our feelings are connected to any issue we may encounter. Men can actually turn their feelings off to solve a problem. While that can be an asset, it is one that I have trouble imagining doing as a woman. Just another difference in how our minds work.

They Think Slower


This a pretty sexist and dated way of thinking. All humans have the ability to think "like a man" or a woman. Your thinking pattern isn't determined by your sex as much as it is determined by how you're taught to think.
@Kiana same here!!
Joelle Larsen Aittama
Even though I'm female. According to this I think like a man. So not sure this is an accurate evaluation of the sexes.
I'm definitely a man then
Silv Potts
After reading this I'm convinced my bf & I hav swopd gender! Lol
For the most part it seems pretty correct. I mean it is true that women use both sides of their brain which allows them to think in the multiple dimensions while men can only think in one dimension w...
One thing I have noticed is most women I know worry way more than the men I know. Of course everyone is different though.
#5 girl power ;)
Lil Lou Lou
@Edenlea I thinks more complicated than complex.
Lil Lou Lou
@Aisha1995 I love your profile picture by the way how to be a panda so cute.
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