3. Everything Moves Faster

When you’re a teenager, you can spend months in the same class as someone before they ask for your number.2

As an adult, you might have to make the night you meet someone, in fear that you’ll never see them again.

There are exceptions, of course, but most of the time you’ll meet a great guy while at a bar or store.

If you don’t flirt during your first encounter, say goodbye to a potential relationship.

Bigger Complaints


My biggest problem with dating right now is most of the guys I meet I feel like there is no creativity in planning a date or all they want is sex......I don't have a problem being single but I would love to find someone who is worth my time and I mean really worth my time. I seem to always run into the issue where the guy has no clue what he wants and unfortunately I won't know until years later. Hopefully I'll find someone again
Elisha Snyder
Loved this! I, unfortunately, haven't found someone worth my time as I get older. Darn!
@Jessica Lynn I used to think the bar was a bad place to meet people too but now that I'm older i don't think it's as bad, as long as you know what you want. Clubs I'll still stay away from though.
I couldn't help but think of Ted from HIMYM when I read number two. 😆
Jessica Lynn
When I was younger I was always turned off when someone said they met a guy at a bar. Turns out a bar is exactly where I found my Mr. Right! Realizing that you can meet your potential mate at a bar, bus stop, grocery store, or walking your dog- opens up your options and your heart!
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