Sweet Ways 😍 the Broken Hearted 💔 Girl Loves Differently 💝 ...


Girls who have had their heart broken tend to love a little differently than girls who have never gone through that kind of pain.

I'm sure it's the same for guys, too.

After your heart has been broken, it's so hard to trust anyone again.

You're so afraid to let yourself love.

You have every reason in the world to try again, though – everyone deserves love, after all.2

It's just that you have a different way of falling in love after you've been heartbroken.

1. You're Much More Cautious with Your Heart

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After your heart breaks, you know how very important it is to be careful with it, especially when you're ready to give love another shot.

You Don't Give Away Anything Too Quickly, Especially Your Feelings


It def makes you feel unworthy. You have to be happy with yourself love yourself first and then when your ready go for it
This is all true- it gets so much better! Xx
Cherry Sumagui
It was badly hurt
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