7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...


There are tons of different ways to ask for a guy's number, but it's still hard and can be super scary if you let it!

Guys can be really hard to read and can also send a lot of mixed signals (just like us!) but, with the right ways to ask for a guy's number, you'll be able to get your crush's number in no time at all!2

So, you ready to see exactly the right ways to ask for a guy's number so that you'll get his digits the first time?

1. Make a Joke about It

You're funny and witty and have a natural sense of humor, right?

Show it by 'jokingly' asking for his number!

You could say something like 'well, if I had your number, it'd be easier to share my constant wittiness' and then laugh and smile.2

It's one of the surefire ways to ask for a guy's number without appearing like you are asking at all!

2. Ask a Friend

Are you really good friends with any of his friends?

Have you had the chance to maybe ask for his number via his friends?

That's a great way to get his number … without having to really talk to him at all!2

The only problem with this method is the fact that if you call/text him – he'll probably wonder who you are.

3. Ask Him if He Has a Phone

Weird, right?

Asking him if he has a phone?

The reason why you could ask him that is because then you could casually mention that maybe he might want to give you his number – yanno, for safe keeping.

This is a great way to really let him know that you want his number without asking at all!

4. State You Should Talk More

This method is all about continuing a great conversation that you might've been having – and why wouldn't you want to talk more?2

Ask him if he maybe wants to talk more, maybe he should give up his number!

Who wouldn't want to talk to you, especially if he already was getting to know your personality?

See if You Can Make Plans – and Slip in You'll Need His Number
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