7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...


There are tons of different ways to ask for a guy's number, but it's still hard and can be super scary if you let it!

Guys can be really hard to read and can also send a lot of mixed signals (just like us!) but, with the right ways to ask for a guy's number, you'll be able to get your crush's number in no time at all!2

So, you ready to see exactly the right ways to ask for a guy's number so that you'll get his digits the first time?

1. Make a Joke about It

You're funny and witty and have a natural sense of humor, right?

Show it by 'jokingly' asking for his number!2

You could say something like 'well, if I had your number, it'd be easier to share my constant wittiness' and then laugh and smile.

It's one of the surefire ways to ask for a guy's number without appearing like you are asking at all!

Ask a Friend


I think all of these are awkward, if a guy likes you he will ask YOU for your number.
Lady S
Or just tell him that you need his Facebook name and tell him to text it so he has to give you his number first
There is one that I find truly amazing. What you do is you invite him to a conversation with you and a friend. After in the conversation, say to your friend, "Oh yeah, I was supposed to give you my number" and start. T give it to her. Then tun around and ask him if he wants your number too. Genius, right! The reason it is great is that it does not seem forced.
Nicole Richards
@Kristina Manu haha, true true!
Camila Lopez
Solution regarding getting his # from a friend.... I usually go with the prank texting method. just send silly texts dropping hints about your identity (in case they get irritated)
@Marina Lestraude I totally agree- just ask- don't manipulate. And if he says no, well you know where you stand.
Heather Jensen
Great idea!! :)
Summer Szeman
I put my number Into a guys phone after taking pictures on his phone (:
Heather Jensen
Ha! Awesome! :)
Heather Jensen
Yes! That is so, so true!
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