Ways to Avoid the Temptation to Cheat ...


Have you ever been tempted to cheat … maybe just the once?

Do you think it's okay if you can get away with it?

Maybe you could … but that doesn't make it right.

And you should never act on temptation.

If you cheat, you're not only risking your relationship but showing a lack of respect for your partner.

Here's how to avoid the temptation to cheat …

1. Remind Yourself What You're Risking

When you feel tempted to cheat on your partner, remind yourself of what you are putting at risk.

You're endangering your relationship and will hurt your partner if they find out.

You could lose your stability if your partner finds out and decides to end the relationship.

And it will be nobody's fault but yours.

Is it really worth it for a quick bit of fun?

Doesn't Your Partner Deserve Better?


Cheating is just wrong! Dont ever thing about it
If you love somebody, wouldn't cheat. Not even come to mind. Cheating is Unacceptable. Period.
peony blue
Cheating is bad
Think b4 u act. If it feels wrong or you have to hide it then it is. Karma is alive & well.
Cheating is just wrong if you consider it your with the wrong person
If you consider cheating, you shouldn't be in a relationship.
I had a fling with a guy who was in a relationship but he never told me and I found out, I told him I couldn't do it and he continued to tell me she wouldn't find out as she lived ages away (they were long distant) and that he had started to like me and he wanted to see me more to see if he liked the idea of us and I let him. I feel utter stupid and harsh for doing this to her and I came in between them, I was friends with this guy and I tried to stay friends by talking to him like friends but he always had to involve sexual references into every conversation and that's when I said 'You have a girlfriend, I don't want to get in the way' he said I wouldn't and I continued to say I would. We haven't spoken since June but I have felt so guilty about it.
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