3. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Men know that our “No” could be a “Hell No”, “Maybe”, “Yes, but I’m playing hard to get” or pretty much anything in between and that’s driving them nuts.

And don’t even get me started on that famous “Nothing” and all of its meanings!2

Men don’t really like to play these games - most of them will be perfectly willing to accept your original answer without further questions and you know that always causes an argument.

The solution?


That’s definitely one of the ways to be a good girlfriend and, believe me, he will appreciate having a girl that CAN speak her mind.2

In fact, every time his friends start discussing this issue, he’ll just smile and say, “Sorry, pal, don’t know whatcha talking about”.

Give Him Some Space


Omg thank you for posting this it is helping me so much with my boyfriend
en(JOY)ing. ∞
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Help needed i am dating a boy named Luke and when i smile he goes okayy.??
Hi, I really like this guy and he is single, he is popular and I am not. I really like him and I think he likes me. I have never dated before, what can I do to get him to notice ma and hopefully ask me out/ help please!!!
Hi! So here’s my situation: I was asked to homecoming by one of my good guy-friends as a date and I said yes because I kinda like him. Homecoming is this saturday. He’s picking me up and taking me home, How do I hint to him I want him to kiss me? How do I know if he’s going to kiss me? Lastly (and most embarassing) I never kissed anyone before so how do I not make a fool of myself by messing up? I don’t know how to kiss! Please help! Thanks
Hey Mara, When you say "enthusiastic", what exactly do you mean? Is he flirting with her? If yes, does he do it all the time? I don't know about the trust part of it but if he's excessively flirting with other girls all the time, you need to sit him down and tell him that it bothers you!
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