5. Don’t Try to Change Him

You can’t take a beast and turn it into a prince, I think we’ve already figured that out.

I mean come on, he’s not a science project!

In fact, let’s try to observe things from a different perspective - how would you feel if he wanted to change everything about you?

Men do change when they finally meet the women they want to spend their life with (just like women change when they meet the right man) but they don’t become entirely different people – it’s just a process of growing up.

Be Romantic but Not Pathetic


I should trust him. But, it's difficult. Because he kept on talking with the girls he used to court! And his replies are very enthusiastic! What would I do? I felt like he only courted me because the girl doesn't like him. :(
Lol boys will be boys I guess and he's only in the 6th grade!
Lol Mary, It's so hard though, isn't it? :D
Thanks for share great post..I have got to stop nagging!
i found someone but im afraid to ask him out. im alright with getting denied but then our relationship will never be the same
He is still WAY to young, he needs to grow up, why don't you look someone your age or maybe a year older?
Okay so im a 7th grade girl and im dating a 6th grade boy and we really like each other but if our hands accidentally touch he goes "ewww" why does he do that? i wanna hold his hand but i dont wanna ask. i need help.
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