3. Know How to Respond

A great flirt is a great conversationalist.

Unless you're texting your crush, you can't pause for ten minutes to think of an excellent response.

You need to figure out how to keep a conversation going.

It might help to think up a few interesting topics ahead of time so that you can redirect the conversation toward them if things get boring.

Don't Get Embarrassed


I like these tips .. they are much realistic and they are effective ..(y)
Well I looked on this guys Instagram and he put up a picture of him and his girlfriend just 14 weeks ago, but why is he wanting to go to town with me and play fight me? Guys usually only play fight when they fancy you. Or is that just me? I hate getting too attached to a guy knowing they probably don't feel the same way back:( like I had so much fun on Tuesday with Ryan (that's his name) we sat down somewhere quiet and just talked and laughed together, he grabbed my waist as I was trying to get up from him and pulled me back and tickled me. I'm so confused, but I don't want to ask if he still has a girl friend because it was only 14 weeks ago, he didn't even know me then by the way, kinda only just got to know Ryan in these past 2 weeks. He's a little shy around me but on that Tuesday he did touch my face and we was getting quite close to each other but not a kiss! we just cuddled and arm wrestled each other (he won lol) I just hate having a really good time with someone but yet he's talking to other girls. Am I being over-protective or not? Is he a player? Because it seems to me he just likes being entertained by all the girls, unless it's trying to make me jealous on purpose. Help?xx
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