7 Ways to Be Happy Being Alone ...


There may be no truer saying than "one of the ways to be happy being alone is to learn how to be solo without being lonely." Yes, it’s also true that it’s important to know how to get along in this world of people, people everywhere, and not lose contact with the other beating hearts in your spiritual zip code. Follow these ways to be happy being alone, and you may find yourself craving the occasional Saturday night where the phone doesn’t ring.

1. Do Something Decadent

One of the best ways to be happy being alone is to do something dripping with so much decadence, you don’t even remember there’s no one beside you. This can take on a different meaning for everyone in this world, and often doesn’t include a lot of money. Go get that cannoli at your favorite bakery, and bring home its twin too. Take a nap in the middle of Saturday afternoon and leave the phone in the kitchen. Go to the store you love and can never afford anything in, and try on whatever your heart desires (don’t they have a clearance rack too? But save that one for a non-decadent day…)...

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Midnight Rose
Sometimes people can be just too much (especially at Christmas) and I get an urge to slip off and be alone for a few days - bliss!
I like to catch up on my DVR and rearrange my house and blast music while cleaning. It heals my soul!
Mia Watkins
Being alone means you get intouch with your inner self you learn to love yourself again
...hence the statement, "loneliness has its place."
She doesn't mean being alone all the time. The article is meant to help you enjoy your own company. If you can't enjoy your own company and like yourself than others can't either.
@Suo Li death will happen to us all, if we accept it or not. Who want to pass away without ever knowing true companionship?! Loneliness has it's place.
Michelle Kennedy
Michelle Kennedy
Why do you put the word die.
This list is cool and all but being alone has it's limits. No one wants to die alone!
I'm alone n I love it😍
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