52 Ways to Be a Total πŸ’― Romantic 😍 ...


It shouldn’t be a chore to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

With these really easy little ways to be romantic you won’t have to try hard, but the payoff is great.

And there’s 52 ways here so you do a new one each week!

1. Bathroom Messages

Bathroom Messages

Leave little love messages on the steamed up bathroom mirror for your loved one to read when they get out of the shower.

2. Massage


Offer to give them a massage after a hard day at work.2

It will be much appreciated.

3. Write a Poem

Write a Poem

Put your feelings down on paper and present them with a loving poem.2

For even more effort, translate it in to a romantic language like French or Italian.

4. Public Declaration

Public Declaration

Make your love known to the world by staging a public declaration of your love for your partner.

5. Mix Tape

Mix Tape

Make a playlist of all the songs that you consider to be β€˜your’ songs;2

music can be very special to a relationship.

6. Run a Bath

Run a Bath

Run a luxurious bubble bath for them after a hard day.2

They will never love you more than at that precise moment!

7. Surprise Lunch

Surprise Lunch

Give them a midday boost by surprising them at work with a delicious lunch that you have prepared for them.

8. Pillow Gift

Pillow Gift

Make them feel special by leaving a little gift on their pillow before bed;

something like a nice chocolate or a little love note.

9. Post Work Praise

Post Work Praise

Make sure to have a great meal or bunch of flowers waiting for them if they have had to do a hard presentation at work that day.

10. Dedication


Send a message to your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to them.

11. Favorite Meal

Favorite Meal

Dedicate an evening to them by cooking them their favorite meal and playing their favorite music in the background.

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