2. HuMAN

If heโ€™s tired, angry or sad, let him be or try and help him work through these emotions.

Heโ€™s allowed to feel discontent with the world around him.2

You taking his being sad, mad, etc.

as a personal attack on your relationship isnโ€™t fair.2

He doesnโ€™t judge you for the borderline psychotic break you inflict on him, so do him the same courtesy.

If certain emotions take over his life and you find that heโ€™s pretty volatile, thatโ€™s a problem.

And just leave him alone about porn.

Science has proven it is healthy for both men and women.

Surprise, the Spice of Life


I'm so stealing the beer mug one from you because my girl loves to drink her beer...:) Haha...
Love these tips! I agree 100% and do most. Thanks!
if he dosnt accept u for who u are then get rid!! he should make an effort to
My man loves when I make him grilled cheese and make him iced tea. To him that's good enough
Love it :)
I have read the five love languages it's a brilliant book , wish I had read it years ago :-)
learn what his top "5 love languages" are and learn what yours are and discuss them with each other.
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