4. Be Appreciative

All too often I see a couple where the girl clearly forgets how lucky she is. After months of dating, a lot of women forget that things cost money. If he pays for dinner, thank him and offer to pay for the next meal. If he takes you somewhere, does a honey-do or helps you in a pinch, thank him. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Don’t forget about his needs, and definitely don’t just expect things.

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princess jadets
@Dianeg, i read that book the 5 love language is one of the best book...i really like it..
Not argue and be an obsessive bitch ..
I'm really on the fence with this post...being a woman is about being true to yourself no matter if you are in a relationship or not. When in a relationship always be true. If you begin doing things t...
Porn is ok for a relationship ? Ok of course this is the American Society. I will never trust the person who posts this. Sorry but I want a guy who not only respects me but himself. I would rather be selfish and not compete with porn.
I'm so stealing the beer mug one from you because my girl loves to drink her beer...:) Haha...
Love these tips! I agree 100% and do most. Thanks!
if he dosnt accept u for who u are then get rid!! he should make an effort to
My man loves when I make him grilled cheese and make him iced tea. To him that's good enough
Love it :)
I have read the five love languages it's a brilliant book , wish I had read it years ago :-)
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