6. Build Him up

This should come naturally, but if you make the effort and take it a step further, youโ€™ll be happy you did. You love to feel wanted and so does he.

Find the features of his body and personality that drive you wild and dole out a few compliments a week addressing those specifically. Heโ€™ll become confident in those features and even if you two donโ€™t last, heโ€™ll reflect on his time with you as one of positive self image. People remember points in their life when they felt like their "best self." Howโ€™s that for a recipe for nostalgia?

Stay Curious


if he dosnt accept u for who u are then get rid!! he should make an effort to
My man loves when I make him grilled cheese and make him iced tea. To him that's good enough
Love it :)
I have read the five love languages it's a brilliant book , wish I had read it years ago :-)
learn what his top "5 love languages" are and learn what yours are and discuss them with each other.
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