7 Ways to Catch the Attention of Your Crush ...


While you can't make someone like you, you can certainly make sure they know you exist. Follow these tips by guest contributor Sadie and you'll be grabbing the attention of that cutie you've been eyeing in no time.

Everyone has that special somebody. Here are some ways to draw attention to yourself and hopefully make your crush like you. If everything doesn't work out, just remember there are many other fish in the sea. Always be true to yourself and never change for a guy; it isn't worth it.

1. Look Your Best

Make sure that you are dressed nicely; don't wear sweats and a tee shirt. Don't be fake either. Be genuine and don't try to be somebody that you're not, just don't be sloppy.

Be Confident


@Alaa that is so true!! When you know I like someone, I act wayyy differently around them!! It's so annoyingb
So I like my former crush. Last time he found out I liked him, and that didn't end up well. None of my friends like him (they think he's really annoying) so I have decided to keep it a secret now. I o...
Theres this guy i met the other day at a cafe and omg he was cute and sweet. Maybe if i go there again next wk, i will be able to talk to him more...and smile more? lol
Hard to deal with a guy when in crush. Easy when only just to attract
For #6 i like the guy and he knows it and he likes me back but he is too shy and starts to blush when we talk or even see each other in the hallways do u think he will have the guts to ask me out?
You know I'm an observer, and I know sometimes we try to look our best to cover we feel like crap. And plenty of people dress lazy or sloppy but there comfy. I can usually tell when someone wants me ...
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