8 Ways to Deal with Dishonesty in a Relationship ...


There are plenty of ways to deal with dishonesty in a relationship, you just have to find them.

In a lot of my past relationships, I've dealt with a lot of dishonesty, so I know all types of different ways to deal with dishonesty in a relationship.2

Below, I'm going to explore the top 8 ways to deal with dishonesty in a relationship that can really help!

1. Research

One of the biggest misunderstandings in a relationship can come from lack of information and from jumping to conclusions.

Before you jump into accusing your man of being dishonest, the first way to deal with dishonesty in a relationship is to do your research, so you can really see if he is being dishonest.

Trust me, he'll appreciate it in the end!

Weigh Your Options


@Heather, He does not want to go for therapy ..... I think he will never change I have to shut my mouth for ever.
@Sheila, I am trying but just after his all drama of guilty I saw his e mails where he showed that his wife is v clever and da girl was saying plz delete my emails otherwise your wife wi ll again creates scene.after reading all of that I just packed my clothes and decided to leave then he called my father and said it is 6 months old email . The whole drama start 2010 He caught 2011 and did sorry then last e mail was march 2012 now what should I do.only god will teach him lesson surely .
Hey Anon, that does seem really, really rough. Have you thought about seeking therapy with him? Trying to really work it out and work through your hate?
I'm so sorry to hear that! It is your decision of course whether or not to forgive him and give him another chance but please, please take your time with the decision. I know it's hard especially because you have children together but it is important to be in a healthy, happy relationship. Try counselling if possible but first things first, make sure he is genuinely sorry and not just sorry because he got caught. Sorry again and I hope things get better for you.
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