7 Ways to Deal with Leaving Your Boyfriend for College ...


It is that time of year, when you might have to leave your boyfriend for college.

Learning all of the ways to deal with leaving your boyfriend for college isn't easy, but there are some tips to do it!

If you are leaving your boyfriend for college this fall, don't worry ladies, I've got all of the tips and tricks that can help you cope and help you pull through!

1. Try Long Distance

Firstly, have you thought about trying the long distance thing?

I did this for quite a while with my partner and now we've been together for almost 6 years!

Long distance is hard, but as long as you follow a plan, it should be easier to be away from each other!

So ladies, learning to leave your boyfriend for college might be hard, but a long distance relationship might make it bearable.

Have a Plan for the Future


@Heather, Hey Heather! Thank you for the help :) It is a very personal decision I have to make, Id like to take some time to think about it and talk more. I just want it to be best for my boyfriend and I. Time will tell! But thanks for the advice!
Hey Kayla! Thanks for the comment! I do think that people should try to work their relationship out and find what fits them best. If it was best for you and your ex boyfriend to split, that is absolutely your decision and I'm so glad that it worked out for you. Maybe April is a bit different and she would like to keep her relationship going. :) It all depends on what works for her and her boyfriend. I do think that long distance relationships can work out, but that is a very personal choice and it is up to April to decide what works best for her.
@Heather, Heather, I don't think you know enough about April and her boyfriend to say that they "should DEFINITELY keep the relationship going." My high school boyfriend and I had been together for over a year and a half and were very much in love with each other the summer prior to going to college. Despite that, we talked about it a lot and Andrew and I decided that it would be better for us both to go our separate ways in college. I was sad to see him go but within 3 weeks I was relieved that I had. There is NOTHING wrong with being single and it can open you up to a world of possibilities. Andrew and I considered getting back together but I realized that we were happier without each other and I never would have know that if I hadn't tried. Sometimes being "really into one another" isn't enough.
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