7 Ways to Deal with Your Boyfriend's Pet ...


One of the keys to learning all of the ways to deal with his pet is to understand his feelings.

If your boyfriend has a dog, a cat, a snake or even a rabbit and you absolutely hate his pet, you’ve got to look at it through his eyes.

Girls, it is not always about you, sometimes you’ve got to suck it up!

So, if you’re having doggie drooling problems or kitty purring problems, you’ve got to check out my 7 ways to deal with his pet so that you can keep your man!

Are you ready to dive in and figure out if you can handle his pet or if you need to find someone petless?

1. Spend One-on-One Time with the Pet

I know that spending one-on-one time with his pet might not seem like the best idea, especially if you are not an animal person, but it’ll show your man that you are trying different ways to deal with his pet instead of casting it aside.

If it is a dog, spend some time with him at the park or even just get on the ground and play with him!

It’ll show your man that you are serious about accepting his pet.2

Discuss Any Struggles
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