13 Ways to Deal with Your Crush Having a Girlfriend ...


We've gotten a ton of feedback and comments on what to do if your crush has a girlfriend.

Well girls, you asked for it and we're here to deliver!

Below, I've got the top 13 ways to deal with your crush having a girlfriend and what you can do about it!2

After all, you never want to break up a relationship, but what can you do when your crush has a girlfriend?

Let's take a look below!

1. Respect That He is with Someone

Having a crush on someone can bring on a ton of strong feelings, but girls, how would you like it if someone had a crush on your boyfriend and was acting on it?

You've got to respect that he's with someone in order to move forward.

If it doesn't work out?

He's free game, but until then, you will have to just respect that they are together.

I know that's really hard when your crush has a girlfriend and you still have strong feelings, but there are ways to work through it!

Back off


Yiota Kay
2 years ago,i met a guy.we should call him J. he was really in love with me and he was the most lovely guy i have ever met.however,i really like him too but another guy came into my life and i had to choose one of them. Unfortunately i made the wrong decision..I broke up with the other guy and J is now with another girl.But i'm pretty sure that he still likes me because we were together in a school trip and he was next to me all the time.We were playing ''fighting'' u know what i mean and we were laughing and we slept in the same room at the hotel.He was always asking me if i was okay and he seemed really nervous and confused. Seriously i dont know what to do.He had a fight with his girlfriend the day after our school trip *his gf was not with us* and i dont know. I really do like him..but i dont know what i'm supposed to do.. help pleasee
I've liked this guy for a month now and he like me too (well thats what he said) i found out he has a girlfriend he denying it, i've befriend her, he told me that she's not his girlfriend and she's a psycho and he's telling her that he doesnt like me im just some annoying girl. but he always goes back to her even thou he lying to her and cheating on her but i cant get him outter my head :( i didnt stop talking to me i just choose to not call or text him, but im getting the urge to :( what should i do??
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