2. Practise

If the idea of flirting really scares you, try practising. You don’t need to enlist a friend, or do those excruciating “job interview” kind of role plays. Just imagine yourself chatting to a guy, and think about the kinds of things you would like to say to him – then it will be easier when you try it out in a real situation.

Play a Role


There is a guy who sits next to me in one of my classes. In the class we can sit where ever we want. After we had to partner up in class dp share what we wrote, I ended up talking a lot, and later he ...
Practice*!! I like your tips tho
Heather Jensen
Hi! It should all start out with some eye contact and then a smile. Once he starts to respond, then you can start to approach him and then it's all gravy from there! :)
Please help! I don't know how to flirt, and people are always saying be careful who you flirt with, like don't flirt with guys with girlfriends. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :) thanks!
Heather Jensen
I'd flirt it up! How can it hurt? :)
Mary Beth
There is a guy i sit next to in class and we talk and i do kinda like him but his friends are always cracking jokes that he likes me but i dont know if he actually does or not! Do i flirt with him or ...
Lyndsie Robinson
Why not try sitting next to him on the bus one day? When you're not sure what to talk about and not really comfortable with flirting, starting slow is often best. It might seem lame to talk about sc...
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