2. Practise

If the idea of flirting really scares you, try practising. You don’t need to enlist a friend, or do those excruciating “job interview” kind of role plays. Just imagine yourself chatting to a guy, and think about the kinds of things you would like to say to him – then it will be easier when you try it out in a real situation.

Play a Role


Hey I am kinda bad at flurtting but there is this guy that I like and he is 1 year older than me and idk how to flirt with him or how to get him to talk to me he rides my bus I don't know what to do a...
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! Sometimes we become flirty -- it's our nature. I would say that I would tone down a lot of the flirty nature that you might naturally have around guys that you don't really, really like and amp it up with the guys that you like. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Khea! I'd say that you need to just put yourself out there and talk to him a bit. I know that it's hard because you are shy, but start with small smiles and go from there. :)
Anonymous :)
I don't think I'm good at flirting with guys i actually like, only other guys. It's not that I flirt with them purposely, it's just I feel more myself around them, and I have a happy, bubbly personali...
Im shy and I met a guy last year at camp.Im seeing him again next week and am really nervous because I really liked him and one of the girls was convinced he liked me (she went on to become my best fr...
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