7 Ways to Friendzone Your Guy Friend without Being Rude ...


If you have been recently searching for ways to friendzone your guy friend without hurting his feelings and being rude, you have come to the right place.

Personally I think we have all been in this situation when a guy gets the wrong idea about your intentions.

While you might have thought you found a good guy friend, he thought he was one step closer to winning your heart.2

Love is complicated in that way: you like someone who doesn’t like you back while that person likes someone else who doesn’t share his feelings.

And it is not only the guys, us girls have been in their position too.

So to get you out of that sticky situation, here are 7 ways to friendzone your guy friend.

1. Be Oblivious

While he is throwing around flirty comments and other signals, it is crucial that you remain oblivious to what he says and just brush it off.

In these moments, humor always comes in handy, so next time he drops hints about you two being in a romantic relationship, use your humor or say how you can’t imagine not having him as your friend.

No matter what, never play along with the idea of a relationship if you have no intention of being in one with him.

So one of the first ways to friendzone your guy friend is to dodge his romantic comments.

Don’t Send Him Mixed Signals


Kate Winovich
Just say that you really value him as a friend but you aren't interested in a relationship. Being direct isn't rude. If he acts weird afterwards then you know he's not really your friend, he was only acting like it to get a date with you.
This helped a lot! I'm more of a flirtatious person so I'm sure I have given my guy friends the mixed signals. But now I will be cautious with my acting and use of words. Thank you!😊
Bismark Karikari
I hope you girls enjoy your ice cream when same thing happens to you. Most girls feel is okay to reject guys but when is the other way around then is the end of the world. Put yourself in the same situation and treat it like the way you would want it to be dealt if you were on the other side
Johana Tornes
There's no such thing as friend zoning a guy without being rude. I had a friend who I found out liked me. He was basically the only friend I had since I was new to the school and he lived three minutes away from my house, so we'd spend a lot of time together & I was awful kind to him that he took it as I liked him too. When I heard he liked me I was mad that I started being rude to him for no reason. I then, reflected on the situation. To stop it, I would talk about my best guy friend, he was constantly brought up in our conversations, I cut the amount of time we used to spend together, and I stopped sharing so much about me that would somehow make him feel like we were closer, oh and I had to find new friends so that I wouldn't feel so dependent on him being my only friend. It worked little by little. He finally realized when he found out me and my best friend started dating. I guess it sounds harsh but I was as honest as I could with him. We're still friends now but we keep our distance, specially since I have a boyfriend .
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