9 Ways to Get a Guy to Commit ...


Although it might not seem like it all the time, there are many ways to get a guy to commit.

You can’t be sneaky or sly, because that’s no way to build a long lasting relationship.

All the same, there are many things you can do to get your man to commit to you, as long as those things are founded in love, respect, and honesty.

To get an idea of what you can do to strengthen and prolong your relationship, check out the following ways to get a guy to commit to you!

1. Avoid Exclusivity

Often, the best way to get a guy to commit is not to try too hard.

Forcing him to be exclusive too soon can send him running fast in the other direction.

Instead, many relationship experts say that it’s better to wait to be totally exclusive until the two of you are ready for a more permanent commitment.

Making him feel like you’re pushing him toward marriage too soon, however, can really terrify a guy.

Don’t Try Too Hard


hi, so three weeks ago this guy that i have been hooking up (everything aside from sex because i told him i don't have sex with guys that i am not exclusive with). we were outside and well this was basically the dialogue. me- don't go, come to this other party with me. him- i want to, but i have to say bye to my friend, she is leaving for a few weeks. me- common, stay. him- i'm not gonna kiss her or anything me- uhm...what? i just want you to stay. i don't care about that. him- wait, what? me- i don't care if you're hooking up with someone else him- why don't you care? me- because i kind of already figured you were him- well, i mean that's really smart that you'd just assume that, since you and i have been hooking up for so long, i wasn't gonna hook up with anyone else. me- oh okay, then i'll do that to. (btw the whole convo was a little more playful sounding with a couple kisses here and there) so basically, we ended the night exclusive and then i fucked it up because i tried to make sure it wasn't the alcohol talking when he said those things. i asked him about it and it ended up with him saying "well do you not want me to hook up with anyone else?" and me saying "it's up to you" and then me asking the question back and him saying "well i guess it's up to you too then" we haven't talked about being exclusive since...how do i figure out where we stand without making me seem needy and making him feel like he wants to ensure we're exclusive
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