9. Let Him Be Himself

Perhaps the most important way to get your man to commit to you is to let him be himself. Don’t force him into a pigeonhole. You have to accept him for who he is and he has to know that.

If all you want to do is change him, then you’re better off with someone who already has the characteristics you want.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get a guy to commit to your relationship. Being underhanded never works in the long run, but as long as you’re honest about your feelings and the things you want, you’ll be golden! How did you get the love of your life to make a commitment?

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hi, so three weeks ago this guy that i have been hooking up (everything aside from sex because i told him i don't have sex with guys that i am not exclusive with). we were outside and well this was ba...
Hi Skyliner, How can he say that he is committed but act otherwise? I guess all you can do is talk to him and tell him exactly what you expect from him when you say you want him to be committed. If he...
Hi, can you tell me if there's a way I can be exclusive to one guy and have him do the same without making it seem forced? I am fully commited to him, and he says he's commited to me as well, but his ...
I have whiplash
do you have any specific advice about commitment minus the ring, see im only 15 but if i get a guy i don't want to feel like some puppet tied with strings. I want this guy to be with me, and not look "in the Market"..... Any advice?
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