21 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You ...


Have you ever been dating a guy that’s been too shy to make his smooch-move?

Or have you had a crush on a guy friend and wanted him to make the first move and kiss you?

Whatever the circumstances, you’ve probably tried everything in your feminine wiles bag-of-tricks to get him to pucker up, but if nothing’s working, I can help!

Here are 21 ways to get a guy to kiss you.

1. Get an Irresistible Pucker

Do everything in your power to get an irresistible pucker and your guy won’t be able to stop himself from kissing you!

Start by exfoliating your lips with a warm, clean washcloth, rubbing gently to remove dry, chapped skin and make them pouty and pink.

Then use a lip balm, but nothing sticky or glittery.

Get Him Alone


Heather Jensen
Hi Someone! Have you tried to ask him to hang out with you? That might be a great way for you to really get to know him and take it to the next level!
i like a guy in a grade above me... he flirts with me... i do everything but kiss him. i feel like hes gonna kiss me, but the bell all ways rings right as i feel he will.
Heather Jensen
So true! He doesn't care if you look beautiful or if you just came from the gym.
You know if he likes you back he won't care what you look like
@Heather Jensen, thanks for your help n im feelin fine n ur rite i will find someone else
Heather Jensen
I'm so sorry Jess! You will find someone that is worth your time though and someone that wants to be with you.
@Heather Jensen, yea i tried that but he doesnt answer n also i just found out he is moving out to a different country in two days its sad for me but im really happy for him
Heather Jensen
@Jess, I'd definitely see if you can get him alone -- or at least try to Facebook message him. Would that work at all?
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