3. Get Him Close

Draw him close to you, not kissing-distance close, but physically close. Wear a perfume you know he likes. Lose your balance while walking on a curb and grab his hand. Ask him for help with an itch on your back… anything that will get him closer to you!

Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips


I have a group of slutty girls at my school who try to get all the guys to date them. Some do go out with them, like the guy i liked, but it doesn't matter. There are so many other guys, now i'm datin...
Great tips! Guys do like to feel challenged a little when they are trying to kiss a girl. Thanks for sharing and hey, welcome to AWS! :)
What I do is if a guy says something to tease you say in a jokingly manner "you hate me!" He'll usually reply with "no I don't." or "no I like you." Then you say "Prove it," and he usually kisses you. Works for me.
@Emily, i haveboyfriend and we both really like eachother and i kepp thinking that he likesthese 2 othergirlsthat help us get through this stuff and peoplet hink that i amcheating on him butimnoti reallylike him andpeople think that hes cheatingon me whatshouldi doplease help!!!
@Emily, well hes probally not worth your time because if he wont publicly flirt with you then hes probally not that into you and if she was a good friend she'd just understand that shes not in a relat...
i know right i had to make the first move i had to kiss mine on the cheek and he wont even hold my hand but he llet me wear his neckalace (but for guys like the braided ones)
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