5. Use a Ruse

If only there was some way to get him close to you, very close to you… why not make up an excuse, create a clever ruse, to get him within kissing distance? Suggestions: pretend you have something in your eye, ask him what color his eyes are, tell him you’re conducting an experiment to see how close you two can put your faces together before one of you blinks.

Make or Break Eye Contact


@Emily, i haveboyfriend and we both really like eachother and i kepp thinking that he likesthese 2 othergirlsthat help us get through this stuff and peoplet hink that i amcheating on him butimnoti reallylike him andpeople think that hes cheatingon me whatshouldi doplease help!!!
@Emily, well hes probally not worth your time because if he wont publicly flirt with you then hes probally not that into you and if she was a good friend she'd just understand that shes not in a relat...
i know right i had to make the first move i had to kiss mine on the cheek and he wont even hold my hand but he llet me wear his neckalace (but for guys like the braided ones)
@Amanda, oh my gosh i kissed mine on the cheek and he fake proposed cuz we r too young
how do u get a guy to man up?
But all these girls in his grade flirt with him and I have a good friend who likes him.. If she finds out she'll never talk to me again. I see him flirt with me sometimes when we're alone but never when other girls are around him.
here if you relly need help look me up on fb if you have one my is almira brambila and girl just find another guy like i did ;];];]
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