3. Choose a Focal Point

If you’re around him a lot or you see him a lot, consider ways you can draw attention to certain areas in subtle ways.2

One way you can do this is to choose an area, such as your lips, and aim to find easy ways to draw attention to them.

You might consider glossing them up for a luscious shine, or alternatively a matte red lipstick to secretly seduce him into attraction…then the chase begins!

Dress Strategically when It Comes to Colours


My boyfriend of almost 2 months seems overly secure with me. He isn't like any other man I've dated before. We are also a long distance relationship. He constantly shows that he cares about me, but at the same time he seems careless about what I do or who I'm with. I feel like maybe he's too comfortable, way too soon. What should I do? It seems too weird for a guy to be this secure so soon lol
how many days should i dont reply to my boyfriend mesage?
My boyfriend and I have been friends for 15 years and we have been dating 4 months. We recently went through a rough time. He asked me to move in and then panicked/got cold feet and wound up breaking up with me. He has never had a serious relationship before (30 years old). We talked and decided to stay together and start over.. from the beginning. However, I have only seen him once in the past 3 weeks (he lives an hour away) and I usually spend every weekend with him. I used to get "good morning beautiful" and "goodnight sweet heart" and "I love you so much".... now.... He seems to only text me if I text him first. Forget "I love you" or waking up to "good morning". I wont hear from him for a while... yet I see on my instagram feed that he is on his phone following half naked girls and liking their photos etc... I feel like if he has time to do that.. he has time to respond or say something to me. How often do normal people talk to their significant others? It is hard on me mostly bc I am used to feeling loved and missed and wanted. I feel like, starting from the beginning would mean starting fresh .. in the beginning we talked and he wanted to see me.. this feels more like im still hanging on the edge at the end of our relationship. Does he just need space? I feel like a loser when I text first all the time. When I don't text for a while and he still doesn't text me.. I fear he just never will and we will be over. The last time I went 2 days without texting he happened to break up with me when I did finally text. What is normal? How do I get him to miss me and want to talk to me? (((without looking desperate, needy, or clingy)))
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