4. Dress Strategically when It Comes to Colours

We all know how much men are attracted to the colour red, right?

Well, knowing this piece of info can make it really helpful when it comes to knowing how to dress and what colours to wear around him.

Wear the colour red as often as you can around him, as dressing in a bright, bold and vibrant colour is bound to get you noticed!

Be Confident. Self Assurance is a Real Turn on


@Kynn wait for him to come to you. In a month, you better be out there seeing other men not still waiting for him. Hell, you should be doing that today. Go live your fabulous life and let him see you doing it, if he's worth a damn, he'll call. If not, good to know now so you stop wasting time on him.
Anyone understand with how long you need to pull back? should I wait until he wants to talk to me or should I wait a really long time like a month and talk to him? 😖
I'm going to try it :)
Bhatt Neha
I just love this app so much... So informative n entertaining it is... All these girly stuff rocks
Bhatt Neha
Confidence = sexy gal
Bhatt Neha
True gals 😎
This is a process! & I'll work hard to do it. Practice is the key! I'll be trying everything! I'll share results soo
@Teresa its never hard when u learn how to master it! Practice practice practice
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