5. Be Confident. Self Assurance is a Real Turn on

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Your confidence is most likely the top personality trait that makes you attractive to your guy.

There is something about a woman that is self-assured that men find irresistible.

Being confident is something that you have to work at.

Know who you are and know your worth.

Make him work for the prize of you a little bit.

Play Hard to Get; a Little Bit of Mystery Can Go a Long Way


Min Ha Lee
@MEL , wow! that is long time. and that is great that he says he likes you:) do you know if he has any fears of being in a relationship? maybe he was heartbroken before you and is a little cynical? or just simoly scared? if so i think that is soemthing you have to let him learn on his own. but i say don't tey too hard to reach out to him especialy id he does open up or reach back.
Min Ha Lee
can someone help me?? i met this guy 5 months ago, and in the first two months he would actually text me a and i would text him, it was pretty repciprocated. (we have been sleeping together) and went on A FEW dates. but furinf the second half of the five months, i became the one texting him one or twice a week or snapchat him once a week. i think he got comfortable with me...he knows that ill always be there and that im a guaranteed sex... and that i like him. we had a sleep over a week ago and he hasnt texted me yet and i havent either. should i jist keep waiting until he does? i think he is expecting me like clockwork that ill text him soon. and if he just wants sex, why wiuldhe keeo me around for five months? its really not hard for him to get laid...but ive been the o ly girls hes been sleeping with.
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