6. Play Hard to Get; a Little Bit of Mystery Can Go a Long Way

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This is an old, old trick but it is still around because it works.

You don’t want to be too easy of a prize to achieve.

Don’t answer the phone on the first ring.

Make him wait just a few minutes while you finish getting ready for a date.2

Most importantly, have standards and actually be hard to get.

When you do this, you will be the one that ends up with the prize, a man of integrity.

Be Busy. Make Him Feel Special to Have Won Some of Your Time


I met this guy about two years ago. He is one year younger then me. He was in an on and off relationship and they were off when we met. We dated and talked for about 4 months he drove 10 hours to see me then I was going away for 2-3 months for the summer and coming back so we slowed down our talking and waited to see what could happen after the summer in the future between us. During that time he got back with his ex. He always tried to keep in contact with me in sketchy mysterious ways, ex “randomly running into me at school” all the time. He even called me once when they fought. So about 6 months ago they broke up the last time for good after 3 times of breaking up and each time he tried talking to me when they broke up. Since August he tried to talk to me and at first I wouldn’t respond and I gave in fast I hung out with him and the past 5 months we would hang out and hook up. So i texted him at the end of December and he ignored me and the story is longer but he plays solo many games but my gut tells me he really does like me I can’t figure it out. So 9 days after i texted him he texted me i ignored him. Then he snap chatted me twice and I ignored and he keeps trying to get my attention in weird ways but I keep ignoring idk what to do?! I like him but feel like emotionally drained and don’t know if he truly likes me so I figured i should ignore him until he really trys so far its been 3 weeks and he wrote to me 3 times. Im so confused…any advice?
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