5. Getting Friends to Ask Him out

Getting Friends to Ask Him out

It's a little childish to beg your friend to ask out your crush for you.

He'd be more impressed if you actually walked up to him yourself.2

Laughing at Everything He Says


I have actually done like 3 of these already on my current crush. Haven't lost him yet though... I'm just hoping the damage is reversible.
I was my self and everything was fine till one day I don't know why but he just won't answer me back. I've given him space and still nothing. It's been 3 weeks and I don't know what to do.
Playing hard to get actually does work when done right.
Shani Hofer
I have seriously done 90% of these
Just be yourself, if he doesn't like you than it wasn't meant to be.
Nice article n so true :)
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