5. Be Unavailable

When a guy asks you to hang out, tell him you have plans.

Be too busy to hang with him more often than not.

Let him realize other people want you around them, and you aren't at his beck and call.

You just became ten times more appealing to him because you now are a chase, wanted by others, and making him feel and be unimportant.

Have the ball in your court when it comes to making plans.

Go ahead and even ignore his texts.

You can respond in a few days when you are ready to go out with him.

Make sure to not come off prissy and throw it in his face that so and so wants to hang out.

It's not attractive.

Remember, you are a woman of mystery!

It gives the guy a chance to realize how much he enjoys your company when you aren't there to give it to him all the time.2

Be the Cool Girl
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