2. Switch Roles when It Comes to Asking for It

Personally I've been in relationships that go either way. But one thing is for sure, most people are either dominant or submissive in showing they are interested in getting it on with their partner. A break from the norm can be an awesome treat. Even better is the non-verbal, all physical approach that tells me she wants it, now.

Make a Conscious and Obvious Effort to Create Couple Time


Well topic is more important here and not the relavent pictures
Well it all depends on the attitude.. Every girl thinks different and its ego which need to be controlled first and also different men deserve things differently😎😊
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I would like to see this article written from a woman's perspective on how how to keep her interested in you? I agree women probably want all of this and more :)
Tiffany Spaeth
A picture of Emma Watson and her brother don't seem to fit the topic quite well here...
I was gonna say the pic was inappropriate but someone beat me to it
Cee Vee
To keep them interested is a mixture of everything! When you're with him be everything so that when you leave he'll keep calling you about the little things happening in his day. Be fun not to serious...
the only way to keep him interested is by ignoring him and be dominate this is how they like it 😉
I've always hated having to "keep him interested".
Snarky Girl
Really? Like four of the seven items are sex related? Are we nothing more than sex objects & making favorite meals?!?
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