12 Ways to Know if It's Time to Move in with Your Significant Other ...


I'm here to share with you 12 ways to know if it's time to move in with your significant other.

Living with someone is a very serious and big step in a relationship.

Make sure it is not a rash decision and seriously thought out.

The fantasy of playing house is always extremely appealing, but not always the reality.

The following are 12 ways to know if it's time to move in with your significant other.

1. You Love the Person

This is probably the most important way to know if its time to move in with your significant other.

If you don't love the person and the other person loves you, make sure you clarify you aren't ready to move in.

If you both have a mutual love for each other be open and talk about it.

When you love each other the little things that bother you are less likely to be a big deal.

You Plan on a Future with Them


Moving in together is a buyer beware situation in my mind. My boyfriend and I lived together for two years, had all the ducks in a row so to speak and all of a sudden he decided he couldn't handle the financial stuff anymore and bailed. We're still together but no longer living together. It's hard to move on from.
I love living with my bf! We are both 25 and the timing was right when we decided to do it. The transition was easier for him, b/c I had to leave my DT Charleston, SC townhome. But I would do it again! Living together allows a lot more small dates, so we encourage each other to take time for ourselves and our friends. Keep it special, hold hands while watching tv, and go grocery shopping together. Little sweet things add up. It helps the relation ship last longer. Bonne chance!
Neecey Beresford
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