15 Ways to Let a Guy Know You're Interested in Him ...


Call me old school if you want, but I have always felt that guys should be the one to pursue a girl;

but, that being said, there are still some ways to let a guy know you are interested.

I don't think there's anything wrong with letting a guy know you have feelings for him, or making it obvious that you are interested.

How else will he ever work up the nerve to ask you out?

Most dudes will confess that subtlety doesn't work with them β€” they need bold, obvious signs.

So now it's up to you to figure out what needs to be done to let a guy know you're into him.


Well, these 15 ways to let a guy know you are interested will get you going in the right direction!2

Keep on reading this article and you will be a pro at sending the perfect signals to the guy that you are crazy about him!

1. Don't Flirt with Other Guys

We've all heard the age old trick, "If you like a guy and he doesn't know you exist, flirt with another guy when you are around him and he will get jealous and go after you." What?


If you and a friend were both trying to sell your car, and a buyer was looking at your friend's car and asking a lot of questions about it, but ignoring your car, would you think they liked your car better?

Of course not!

So be honest and up front, and don't make it look like you are interested in another guy.

Don't Ignore Him


whats D????????????
i thought that was cool cause now me almost have bf yeah bro
all you have to do is be yourself and start a convesation with him
Heather Jensen
Guys are pretty confusing. :) Thank you for the comment!!
@Heather Jensen, Hi you are definately right but i thought though it would be sweet and i don't get how it is bad, i thought he would'have appreciated it. Because before that he actually did have feelings that i could notice even though we hadn't talked. Guys confuse me
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! I'm so sorry that didn't work out for you! Sometimes, it doesn't, but that doesn't mean it won't work for anyone else.
Write him a love letter!! jokes no way do not do it. I did that and lets just say it has been a year and a half and he still hates me for it, he sends mixed signals and yeah basically you know i thought it was the sweetest thing except i think it scared him off a little so my word of advice never write a letter but anything else is great
@meharun, Hey yeh i have to agree with Heather because to tell the honest truth when a guy is with his friends he acts different and can be a total jerk that is why talk to him when the time comes he is on his own a guy's feelings will shine and they are easier to read more. When in front of their friends they are show offs
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