7 Ways to Love Again after Being Hurt ...


There are a few helpful ways to love again even after your heart has been stomped into the ground.

It’s common to feel fearful, distrusting and insecure once you have had a relationship fail.

If you are trying to recover from a painful breakup, below are various ways to love again that can help you get past the pain.

1. Love Yourself First

If your ex is the one that initiated the breakup, your ego is going to take a major hit.

So one of the ways to love again is to fall in love with yourself first.

Think of this time as a chance to get reacquainted with the real you.

Figure out your emotional needs, the things you like doing in your free time, your goals and your general likes and dislikes.3

2. Reflect on the Old Relationship

It’s painful to go through the memories of a failed relationship but its necessary.

The experience of your old relationship teaches you things so that your next relationship will be even better.

For example, did you choose the right person?

What qualities do you want in your next partner?

What are your relationship boundaries?

3. Letting Go of the past

Once you have reflected on the relationship, don’t dwell on it.

Many people are at a standstill after a relationship ends because they are unable to let go of the past.

Believe that things didn’t work out because there is someone else that is better suited for you.

Forgive yourself for anything that you did to contribute to the end of the relationship rather than obsessing about what you did wrong.

4. Embrace the Single Life

Since you aren’t part of a couple, you have much more freedom and time to do as you please like hang out with family or friends.2

This is also the ideal time to do things that you never had the time to do while you were in a relationship.

As you pursue activities that you enjoy, you will meet people who share your interests.

Another way to love again is to get out and make new friendships.

Relationships will come and go but good friends will be there for you for life.

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