7 Ways to Love Yourself. ...


All we need sometimes is a little self love.

Let Lezlie show you how!

Thanks Lezlie for your lovely post :)

Let’s not kid ourselves.

It’s hard to love other people if we haven’t learned to love ourselves first.

This isn’t about being a self-centered drama queen.

Look at it more as taking care of yourself.2

If you tend to neglect yourself and your needs, check out the following list for some great self-love points.

1. Eat Healthy

We hear this advice constantly, but how many of us really eat healthy?

Don’t mistake fad diets with eating well.

Do you eat a balanced breakfast each morning?

What is your water intake like?

When is the last time you counted your daily grams of sugar?

A balanced diet filled with vegetables and lean protein (with a moderate amount of carbs) will help you feel your best.

Take some time to plans your meals this week so you can set yourself up for success.

2. Learn to Say No

If you are a people pleaser it’s time to cut that pattern out of your life for good.

There is a wise quote that states, «I don’t know the recipe for success, but the recipe for failure is to try to please everyone.» It’s vitally important to have the discernment in knowing when to say no.

If you don’t have the time and energy, stop taking on new projects, appointments and commitments.

3. Be Honest with Yourself

This builds on point #2.

If you know in your heart you want to say no, but decide to say yes, you aren’t being honest with yourself.

Don’t say no if you really want to go for something either.

It’s helpful to take the occasional inventory on your life and determine what you really want in your life.2

If you find there are people or things that are there because you aren’t being honest with yourself, don’t be afraid to make honest changes.

Be Honest with Others
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