5. Treasure Your Creativity

Do you enjoy writing poems or short stories?

Are you a DIY maven, ready to take on any project?

Are you a fearless, fierce performer?

Try to think of ways in which you exhibit your creativity.

Creativity is such an amazing thing because it lets you see how others’ minds work.

You get to see how unique your creativity is and spread that wonderfulness to the world.

Appreciate and love that uniqueness!

I’m pretty sure that special someone would be impressed by it!2

Pursue Your Passion


These posts make me feel so happy and good about myself, thank you. :)
Liz Newsome
@Fey all mistakes no matter how big can always have a positive outcome
What if you feel your mistake is too great? :(
Rose Bowling
Sandra C
Sandra C
Jackie Lu
Definitely agree !
Sonia De Jesus
Ngozi Akukwe
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