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Dating someone who lives far, far way can be a big drag, but believe it or not, there are ways to make a long distance relationship work. I speak from experience. Way back when, when my husband and I first started dating, we had a long distance relationship for THREE years! Yes, three! We really, really cared for each other and so we put the effort in and made it work. Now, we’ve been together for a total of 14 years and have been married for seven. We must’ve done something right! So, if you’re dating someone who lives a far away, rest assured that there are ways to make a long distance relationship work. Here’s my advice on the subject.

1. Talk Every Day

One of the key ways to make a long distance relationship work is talking. Even if you have nothing to really talk about, you should make it a point to talk to each other once a day. Your conversation doesn’t have to be long or even have to be about something monumental; a simple phone call to say goodnight, I’m thinking about you and I love you is all that is needed.

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@andiena hi :) i have the same problems .. We talked on skype and viber a few times and it was great but he says it makes him frustrated and hurts him coz we live far apart and he doesnt wanna do it as often as i do :(
these are great tips, i hope they'll really work :c <3
Plan vacations away from each others places of residence to mix it up... @davidvcast
Ive been in an LDR for 2 years :) He lives in United Kingdom and I live in Australia. All I can say is Trust,Respect,Friendship with the one you love is important. And also communication.
Carmina Lacson Bautista
Thanks for the advice bridget! :)
@megan yea i hope i can have chance to do more skype
Skype skype and more skype!!
Alexis Nicole'
I pray me & my LDR never lose the connection! ;)
@Emily u r correct..i agree..but stres thing here in d articl is true..it ds put stres ..a lot of stres..but dn aftral its al about love..and care..gud luck to u too!
@Ayesha n he is india n me in canada..he is tryin to cm here..hopefuly dis fall!!:-/..fingers crossed..hv a nyc 1
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