7 Ways to Make Getting over Him Easier ...


When your crush rejects you or boyfriend dumps you, there are ways to make getting over him easier. The healing process takes time, but there are ways to speed it up a bit. You don’t have to sit around sulking forever. Here are some simple ways to make getting over him easier:

1. Delete Photos

Get rid of any pictures you have of him. Take photographs off of your wall, change your profile picture, and delete the snapshots saved on your phone. If that feels too drastic for you, you can always email them to yourself and save them somewhere special. In the future, once you’ve moved on, you might want to look back at the fun times you had. But for now, if you’re not going to delete them, at least keep them somewhere you don’t visit often. One of the ways to make getting over him easier is by not seeing his face every time you turn on your phone.

Remove His Number


Yesenia Monterroso
I don't have bad memories at all, he just plain simple for only he knows what reasons?stopped talking to me. But yes I deleted his number and removed him as a friend online, I don't think keeping it f...
Maria Gonzalez
Thank you!
This is really helpful. It's hard not to blame yourself when relationships don't work but you have to remember there is someone special waiting for you. Trust me it's a lot easier said than done. What...
My advice to those suffering a heartbreak... Stay classy! I've seen friends act up to grab their ex's attention and not realising what harm it's doing to them.
@Sarah Xx maybe wait a few days then if he hasn't started the convo say something simple and casual and just make it seem like you're playing hard to get
It's been almost a year since our break up of three yrs, and we still see each other but I think about him every day! I can't stop it even though I want too, it's so self sabotaging
Ms Maria
am i ready to delete everything? come on maria he refusing you. dont let your tears drop again
Sarah Xx
Someone please help me!!! There's this guy but we aren't dating and I've now him for a little while and we use to talk like every day and now he doesn't seem to keen on talking to me but I don't know ...
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