3. Connect through Common Interests

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One (nearly) foolproof way to make your crush like you is to relate to him. Whether it’s sports, music, or Converse sneakers, figure out what makes him tick. You don’t have to pretend to be the Yankees’ #1 fan, but make an effort to learn why he can’t get enough of the grey, blue, and white. Google is a great place to conduct some preliminary research.

Be Kind


Never mind. I already told him!!!!:)
But what if his friend likes you uhh oh
This is so relevant right now! Thank you! 😘😘😘😘
I loved this! Because I love finding out ways to make someone else love me the way I love them and this helped millions! Thank you very much😋😊
Ok, I really want to tell my crush I like him!! Any tips to not make it awkward if he doesn\'t like me back or doesn\'t have a response?
Caroline Bilbray-Kohn
Helps soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I already have my crush and his friends hanging with me and my BFF\'s and I think it\'s working. Thx sooooo much!😝 💏
You forgot: Act like a ho and shamelessly flirt with him in front of his fiancΓ© & then try to break them up! 😉✌
It\'s just so hard when we never talk. We used to have the same classes... Used to. I\'m not asking for us to be a couple, but I just want to get to know him better and hang out a bit. :(😔
I go in freshman year, one day I saw this guy who goes on junior year. From the first moment I saw him I just couldn't stop think about him and I often see him in the hallways and that's when I become...
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