3. Connect through Common Interests

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One (nearly) foolproof way to make your crush like you is to relate to him.

Whether it’s sports, music, or Converse sneakers, figure out what makes him tick.

You don’t have to pretend to be the Yankees’ #1 fan, but make an effort to learn why he can’t get enough of the grey, blue, and white.

Google is a great place to conduct some preliminary research.

Be Kind


Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! That does sound a little strange -- I'd approach him about it and talk to him about it -- see if he likes you. :)
@Brianna, I don't think you're in love. It's probably just your first big crush.
Heather Jensen
Hey Taylor! I'd say that you just have to make yourself more confident and approach the guys that are you type? Do you have anywhere else that you can meet the guys besides school? :)
Taylor Kay
I don't think this guy likes me back though and I think he sees me as just a friend. It's hard to find a boyfriend at my school I think because I am biracial or black and the majority of my school is white. I the guys are not racist I think I'm just not anyone's type that is mine.
Heather Jensen
Hey Taylor! I think that you need to talk to the guy that you like. Do you think that he likes you back? Even though he likes the other girl?
Taylor Kay
Please help
Heather Jensen
Hey Che! It all depends, how is he taking advantage over you?
Hi my crush is so wierd because like I walked past him and his friends the other day and i didn't say anything to him but he like shout talked if that makes sense like he instead just talking casually to his friends he spoke so loud like ridiculously loud so like maybe i could hear he was talkign about soccer etc. Then well my mum knows him too but my mum drove past him and put her window down and said hi how are you to him and he just turned around i thought like that is rude to do to my mum. Is it possible because like his friends are there he is showing off so he does that. I really need some answers because i'm going crazy over this. Like i don't know what it means?
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