5. Use Humor

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I’m not saying you need to be the next great female comedian, but humor is one way to make your crush like you.

And if the two of you manage to create your own inside jokes, it’s only a matter of time before he takes that fall.

I’d suggest brushing up on your one-liners and taking it from there.

Stop Trying Too Hard


Hey there, Considering he told you that he only sees you as a friend now, I don't think you should ask him out right away. Try to be more flirtatious and see if he responds to that. Good luck and thanks for reading!
Hi Brianna, Believe it or not, it's just a crush hun and it's completely normal to feel the way you do at your age. before you know it, other boys will come along and you will move on! :) Thanks for reading!
The exact same thing happened to me. You just have To get his # or talk to him at school. It gets better. If he likes you then continue on from there. If he doesn't like you then he's missing out on an awesome girl :)
Hi I'm 13 and I've liked this guy for two years and he is a year younger than me. He knew I liked him because a friend told him but never said anything to me back. I started to yet him but he got annoyed so I texted him 2 months later and we had nice conversations. A couple months ago I decided I should give up liking him because he didn't like me back. After a while I thought I didn't like him anymore. But I thought I was in love with him so I tried to give up. Today when I was looking at my yearbook, when I saw his picture, I started to cry. I think I still like him.... Can I be in love? Last night I got bored and "planned my wedding" with pics and now I imagine him as the groom. Do u think I love him? I can't stop thinking bout him an my friend likes him too! Please answer soon! Do I really love him or is it just a crush?
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