5. Use Humor

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I’m not saying you need to be the next great female comedian, but humor is one way to make your crush like you. And if the two of you manage to create your own inside jokes, it’s only a matter of time before he takes that fall. I’d suggest brushing up on your one-liners and taking it from there.

Stop Trying Too Hard


Lone Alaskan Gypsy
I was surprised to see 'compliment him' wasn't on the list. I always find that guys take really well to subtle compliments. Not ridiculous "You're so handsome" ones, but something coy like "That shirt...
Problem: I've known him only a while and I'm always the one to start the conversations and I don't think he likes me but he suggested we go to the movies at some point and everyone says to play hard t...
These sound pretty helpful. Hopefully it'll work(((:
one of his friends Kyle already thinks im weirdo because whenever i look at him he looks at me back and he thinks im always staring at him but i am not
24 is kinda hard because none of his friends will ever talk to me
Joanna Abi Abboud
this is what i was searching for.. thank you ?? I'm sure this will help me :)
HELP. I've been talking to this guy named Tim.. He's a couple years older than me and I really like him.. He goes to my youth group, he plays guitar, he sings, he has an extremely nice body and I feel...
i havent even spoken to my crush before but i really want him... we get eye contact alot but i dont know how to start a conversation... HELP:/
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