8 Ways to Mend a Rough Patch in a Relationship ...


In a relationship there are plenty of rough patches that you have to deal with.

A relationship is a roller coaster of emotions most of the time.

Sometimes, you are up and sometimes there is a rough patch in a relationship.

Learning how to deal with those rough patches is what will make your relationship stronger and will make the two of you closer.2

If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship and are looking for ways to mend it, I've got them below!

1. Identify the Problems

The very first step that you need to take when you are trying to work through a rough patch in a relationship is identify all of the problems in your relationship.

What is the core problem?

What do you think is causing the rough patch?2

Are you both having the same problems?

Once you learn how to identify the problems, you'll be able to work through them together and become stronger because of it.

Analyze the Problems


@Chametris so true I went through the same situation aswell
Heather Jensen
Oh no, I'm so sorry that happened to you! I'm glad it all worked out for you though!
My boyfriend cheated on me a couple of months ago and I was devastated. I wanted to hate him, but I honestly couldn't. We were broken up for a month, and one day I decided to call him because I just couldn't take being away from him anymore. We talked everything out and he still apologizes about what he did till this day. We're very happy now and I love him so much. I guess it takes going through hard times to know how much you truly love someone.
Heather Jensen
Hi Gail! That is actually a great topic for a post, I will add that to my list. It sounds like this might be something that you need to seek some professional help for. I know that you want it to work, but you've got to be able to communicate for a relationship to work. I know it's hard to admit, but professional help might be required. I hope that helps!
Gail Fox-Dohrman
I have read several of your articles and I enjoy all of them. I am currently having some issues at home and do truly want to make it work but don't know if he does and even what to do. I know we have major communication issues and with being a blended family, have those issues as well. Do you have advice on relationships that have substance abuse in them and how to help or what to do? As you can see there are many obstacles but as a christian women I believe that God put me with him for a reason I just need help seeing what to do next. Thank you for being a place to communicate and to share
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