5. Don't Blame Yourself

Like I said girls, rough patches happen all of the time. It's nobody's fault, they just happen. I have a rough patch in my relationship at least twice or three times a year. You are constantly around one another, you are constantly in each others space and lives, it's hard to deal with that and not go through a rough patch.

Seek a Support Group


Heather Jensen
Hi Dominika! Thanks so much for the comment!! :) I love reading the suggestions! So I do have an article for you I think, about parents not approving. Would that work? http://love.allwomenstalk.com/things-to-do-if-your-parents-dont-approve-of-your-relationship/
Heather Jensen
Hey Haley! Thanks so much! I actually do write a lot of articles that are geared toward the high school age, because I remember going through that! :) What type of articles do you want to see? Se...
Dominika Warecka
I love your love advices! I have a weird situation now and i would like to ask you for maybe writing a post about it. Well, I'm in high school and i had a boyfriend. He's guardians told him not to dat...
Hi Heather! I LOVE all the articles you write! I have a request. Will you write more articles about love geared towards teenagers like myself?
Katherine Brown
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