7 Ways to Move Forward from a Bad Breakup ...


As much as we'd love a "happily ever after" for every relationship, the truth is we've all had to go through a rough breakup at some point or the other.

How do we move on with life?

Maybe Jessica's post can help.

Thanks Jessica!

We all know that breakups are hard, but until you actually go through out, you never really know how hard they can be.2

Here are some tips that will help you stay strong through this tough time and keep moving you forward to a new chapter in your life!

Stay strong my ladies, everything happens for a reason!

1. Cry It out

Being in a relationship for a long time and having it end, whether you wanted it to end or not-is not easy.

Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions that you feel.

Don't hold back.

Don't feel like you have to bottle it all in.

It will only make it harder for yourself.

Allow yourself to cry and don't be afraid to talk to someone about the emotions that are racing through your mind.

The sooner you feel these emotions and get them out, the sooner your feet will move in the forward direction.

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Leslie Ann Garcia
My boyfriend of four years has up and left me a week ago. He said he needed space and time and that he would be back to me eventually. I was going crazy holding on to hope that it was just really space he needed. I came to find out that he was actually pursuing another girl from the moment he left (maybe sooner). It has been the most agonizing pain I've ever felt in my life. I feel so betrayed and hurt. I had to go to therapy cause I felt so out of control. Luckily the therapy and finding out the truth for myself is helping me find clarity. It hurts but little by little I see my strength coming back
@Heather Jensen so my ex and I broke up because he says that he feels he can't breath & that's I am obsessed with him not in love , he has said this before and we've been Rocky for about 4 months breaking up on and off but they only last about a week but this time I feel like he blew up and he said really mean crazy things and made me feel like a total absolute obsessed freak . Which I'm not :/ pls help
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