7 Ways to Move past the Hurt from a Breakup after You Get Your Ex Back ...


If you have gone through a devastating breakup with your ex and then reconciled, you may need a bit of help to move past the hurt.

One of the worst things to do in your new relationship with your ex is to constantly remind him of the pain and hurt that he caused when he initiated the breakup.

So I’m going to help you, with my list below so you can move past the hurt because I want you all to have successful relationships!

1. Stop Feeding Negative Feelings

It’s normal to have emotions like anger, hurt and resentment about the breakup itself or the events leading to the breakup;

but, you have to let them go girl!

A good way to work through these feelings and move past the hurt is to write a letter.

This is the time to write stuff down that hurt you, like how much of an ass he was during your separation, how you hate that he dated other people while you were broken up or how you wish he falls in a fiery volcano so he can feel pain like you did.

Then release those feelings by burning the letter or tear it up into shreds because no one should see it.

Letting go of those emotions is completely necessary because the more you feed negative emotions, the stronger they become.

Time to Forgive


This article really gave me some good tips! ☺
This definitely help me..I just took my ex back a month ago and it has been tough on me..I don't let it show to him, but it bothered me that he had another girl in between us..
Інна Коритан
😇I liked his a lot - it was all I needed for now.. Thanks!
Omg thank you.
Best article I've read on this :') thank you so much. I needed this.
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