8 Ways to Not Lose Yourself in a Relationship ...

Learning how not to lose yourself in a relationship can be pretty hard in the #beginning. After all, once you get into a relationship, all you want to do is turn 'me' into a 'we'. Below, I've got the top #8 ways on how to not lose yourself when you are infatuated with your man. Remember, you can still be part of a 'we' without using the 'me' in there and #below, I'm going to teach you how not to lose yourself when you're in a relationship.

1. Maintain Your Interests

The first thing that you're going to want to do is make sure that you maintain all of the interests that you had before. If your #man doesn't like to go snowboarding, that doesn't mean that you have to quit too. Take a group of girls and go out once in a while, it'll give him an excuse to hang out with his friends. A lot of women believe that the key to being in a #relationship is not pursuing anything that their man doesn't want to do.