7 Ways to Pick Someone up ...


There are tons of ways to pick someone up ladies!

Whether you are looking for ways to pick him up first or ways to show him you're interested!

Take a look below, I've go the top 7 ways to pick someone up easily, quickly and without being embarrassed!

Are you looking for a boyfriend but aren't quite sure how to approach him, how to get him to ask you out?

Don't worry, I've got your back!

1. Wing Woman

We all have that girlfriend who is the smooth talker, the match maker, the nonchalant person who can talk to any guy.

The best advice I can give you is to use her.

If there is a guy you are interested in but aren't ready to make your move, have her go over and sweet talk him for you.

You're beautiful and have a killer personality so let her talk you up!

Sometimes we just need that friend to teach you some of the ways to pick someone up!

2. Faking You Know Someone

My friends make fun of me all the time because this is my number one go to line when picking a guy up in a place.

I use the casual, "I'm sorry to bother you, but you look so familiar.

Is your name ___?" Its an easy way into starting a conversation, and the guy will find it endearing that you are ballsy enough to come over to him with just a chance of maybe knowing him.

This way of picking someone up works if you can sweet talk your way from "maybe" knowing the guy, to getting to the know guy.

Also, the jealousy factor doesn't hurt here because he'll realize you know more good looking guys.

3. Comment on Your Surroundings

Whether you are sitting in a bookstore or shopping in Whole Foods, you can pick up a guy anywhere.2

I always picture that awkward grocery store movie moment where a guy comments on the girl's "lemons" at the produce section.

We all know it's a bit cliche but if you do it right you can angle the situation to be a simple conversation starter.

Most of the time picking up a guy is about showing him you're interested.

It doesn't mean you have to ask him out right away, he may beat you to it.

Commenting on your surroundings is a great way to bring up a topic that you are both sharing at that moment.

It could be small talk about the new flavor of coffee at Starbucks or how the professor's sweater looks like he stole it out of his grandma's closet.

Making Someone Your Pretend Boyfriend
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