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There are tons of ways to pick someone up ladies! Whether you are looking for ways to pick him up first or ways to show him you're interested! Take a look below, I've go the top 7 ways to pick someone up easily, quickly and without being embarrassed! Are you looking for a boyfriend but aren't quite sure how to approach him, how to get him to ask you out? Don't worry, I've got your back!

1. Wing Woman

We all have that girlfriend who is the smooth talker, the match maker, the nonchalant person who can talk to any guy. The best advice I can give you is to use her. If there is a guy you are interested in but aren't ready to make your move, have her go over and sweet talk him for you. You're beautiful and have a killer personality so let her talk you up! Sometimes we just need that friend to teach you some of the ways to pick someone up!

Faking You Know Someone


Lol at the "We all know that one smooth talker." I know no such person.
Aww Sarah, Fate has such funny ways right? Just imagine, if your friend hadn't for some reason gone out that night, you wouldn't have met your wonderful boyfriend! Thanks for sharing your adorable story with our readers and good luck to you both!
I met my boyfriend through my best friend on a trip to Australia. My friend's this incredibly outgoing person-while I'm a bit more reserved- and she somehow met this guy at a bar, who was single,not g...
I'm so glad that you like them! :) Thanks for stopping by Christiana!
Christiana ReΓΌbert
These are adorable tips haha :)
Awesome!! How did it work out for you Trish? ;)
I did #6 last night!!! :D
Seems like #4 would only work in a movie x)
@Helena, he didn't want to leave you hanging huh? er...I am sure he didn't, you or the rest of the girls. IMHO, the touchy should stop. Overall I think you either friend zoned yourself or made him fee...
"Just because you are honest about how you feel doesn’t mean you should let go of playing hard to get. " Yes! Just remember being hard to get does not mean to never give a guy anything to go on. Sca...
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