7 Ways to Prepare for a Long Distance Relationship ...


Learning how to prepare for a long distance relationship is never easy.

My boyfriend is planning on studying abroad in Italy next semester, which means that I won't be able to see him for about 5 months.

Planning ahead for a LDR is going to be hard, but that's why I've come up with my top ways to plan for my LDR relationship.

These tips will help you plan ahead and overcome the hardships that come along with a long distance relationship.

A LDR relationship is never easy, but it is possible and with these tips, it'll help you and your boyfriend get through it!

1. Admit It’s Happening

You will never be able to prepare for a long distance relationship if you are in denial.

Once you start to accept that you will be apart from each other, it will be so much easier to work through the process of being in a LDR.

You can better prepare for what the two of you are going to do.

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Heather Jensen
Hi Yuki! I do agree, the 'single' life was not the best way to put it, but you do typically have more freedom in a long distance relationship.
Yuki Sheehan
I don't agree when you said "enjoy the single life." If you are still in a relationship I think it would be in your best interests to act like it, you know? No matter, I think that this is a very useful article. Thank you!
Heather Jensen
Hi Yeelu! You didn't talk to him because it made him sad? I just a little confused. If you don't feel the same, you've got to admit that to him.
I just did it so he won't be sad.. What should I do?
I met someone online about 1 year and a half ago.. I really truly loved him but like a lot of cases, Love ends. I didn't talk to him about 5 month and i couldn't tell him because he keep saying beautiful things to me and I just don't want to hurt his feelings.. I know that no telling him hurts much but I don't know how to say this because I kept going foreword with my life.. I don't feel the same anymore, and he does. He always says he is missing me and when he finally talked to me he was very vert happy and I just did it so he won't be sad.. What should I do?
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